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          1. Product

            4H Semi-Insulating

            Current > 4H Semi-Insulating
            SICC is constantly pursuing higher crystal quality and processing quality to meet customer needs.
            The 4 & 6 inch products are available for supply currently
            The 8-inch product is under development

            *Please contact our sales for more detailed information.

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            Semi-insulating type
            • Polytype 4H
            • Diameter(mm) 100 & 150
            • Orientation(°) 0
            • Thickness(μm) 500
            • Surface Finish Epi-ready

            RF Devices

            By growing GaN epitaxy layer on semi-insulating silicon carbide substrate, silicon carbide based GAN epitaxy wafer can be further made into HEMT and other microwave RF devices, which can be used in information communication, radio detection and other fields.
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